Sunday, September 14, 2008

As a Family

When I went away to college I took my sweet time in choosing a church in my new city, (read: I never went to church) Eventually I fell out of the habit and Saturday nights were way too much fun to cut short for sleep in order to get up early the next day.

The same thing happened to DH.

Both of us had come from church-going families and been regular attenders up until graduation. When we got married the habit of sleeping in on Sundays was strong. We never did attend church while we lived in Alabama unless it was while we were visiting family.

When circumstances led to our moving to Mississippi and living with my family we did go to the church my parents belong to. That was the easiest way to keep them from bugging us.

It isn't that we didn't believe or didn't want our children to learn about God, it was just too much of a hassle to do it normally and the reasons for going when we did go were all wrong.

Guess what, when we moved out and into our own place again which habit do you think won? The habit of sleeping in and ignoring church or going, like we had been for 2 years, albeit for the wrong reasons. You probably guessed right. We took our own sweet time finding a church in our new town.

After the move to this new house I decided we could spare one Sunday morning to check out the church down the road. (It was by no means the first Sunday morning we lived here. A couple of months had passed.)

The Sunday school lesson seemed pointed right at us. The sermon as well seemed to be speaking to the two of us about coming back after wandering.

We attended for a few weeks, dropped off a bit due to illness and death in the family, but came back. Last week DH and I decided that this church was where we should be. This morning we walked up and spoke to the pastor about joining.

The girls are excited. They love going to church and are thrilled that we have an actual church home now.

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