Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Media Mayhem

If you follow American politics you are probably aware that the first Presidential Debate is going to be held this Friday.

You may not know that it is being held in the city where I live, at the university I attended until last year. Cool for the town, but a pain in the you-know-where for a few days.

At this time of the year we normally have horrendous traffic every few Saturdays, when there is a home game for the football team. This is looking to eclipse even some of the biggest of those.

My brother, who still attends said institution of higher learning, says there have been road closings on campus, parking rearrangements, security precautions, reporters interviewing students or asking to film during classes. He is a journalism student. He said they were warned about walking around in the journalism building. They could come around a corner and find someone filming live. I guess they wanted everyone to be on their best behavior and not make the networks worry about bleeping out a few colorful Southern college colloquialisms.

He said there were rumors that Jay lenos people were in town and McCain's bus had been seen. Interesting. Maybe true, maybe not. I am trying to avoid going in to town.

Dang! I just realized that if Mom is coming to visit tomorrow and stay a few days I need to do some grocery shopping. Yikes! I'll ask DH if he wants to come along.

In honor of Zirbert (whose blog is listed on the left) who got to shoot of shot guns recently (lucky Canuck, no, wait...does that count as a slur? Not meant as such) here is a picture of the Civil War reenactor who gave a presentation to the kids at our home school group's history festival. They loved it. Here he is showing a revolver.

He fired his rifle (with no ball.) That was awesome! And loud. How's the hearing, Zirbert?

Your random sig from someone on a forum I visit is:
"There are 10 kinds of people in the world. Those who understand binary and those who don't."

Note- If canuck is considered a slur than I completely withdraw it. My two favoritest internet people are north of that border. I have never been able to keep up with political correctness.

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Zirbert said...

If "Canuck's" a slur that should offend me, then nobody told me. I've always seen it as a somewhat (if I can use this term without damaging my machismo credentials) affectionate term. Feel free to "Canuck" away!

Hearing's fine. I wore earplugs for most of the day (there go those credentials again). On the odd occasion that I removed them, I was quicky reminded why I was supposed to be wearing them and put them back in.

I forgot all about the debate, but from what I'm reading online today, I didn't miss much interesting. I'm more looking forward to the VP debate. I think (hope) Palin will be kicking Biden all over the stage.

I actually still have my VHS tape of the 1992 VP debate (Quayle, Gore and Stockdale). One of the highlights of the history of television for my money. "Who am I?!? What am I doing here?!?!?"