Thursday, August 30, 2007


I took the girls to see a local Civil War battlefield. We came away with a souvenir.

Not a blue or gray cap. Not a Confederate or Union flag. No, we got a cat.

I think it was dropped off by someone. It wasn't at all shy about people like you would expect from a "wild" cat. It was living in an old (Civil War era) abandoned (of course) shack. We looked for Mama but there was no sign of her or any other kitties. A lot of traffic goes by there, so it would be easy for someone to leave an unwanted kitty, OR easy for Mama to not quite make it across the street.

The girls decided to name her Arwen (they just saw Fellowship of the Ring) but after our first visit to the vet this afternoon we have changed the name to Pippin. It seems more appropriate for him.

Pippin was checked put today for feline leukemia and worms (both negative) and got his first vaccination. His only trouble seems to be that he is a little on the scrawny side and has fleas. The scrawny shouldn't be too hard to fix, and I am sure we'll do ok with ditching the fleas too. (It helps that our entire floor is tile, no carpet for fleas to hide in.)

The vet says he looks to be about 5 weeks old. He is white with tabby spots. You can especially see the stripes in his head, or you could if I could get a decent picture of him. The little guy won't stay still long enough to get any kind of good shot.

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