Saturday, August 4, 2007

A Little Teaching

DD6 was sitting alone in the livingroom with me. (I was reading blogs.) Her sisters and Daddy are in the other room watching Jurassic Park, which she is not allowed to watch yet. A bit of inspiration hit and I asked if she wanted me to teach her something, knitting or criss stitch, or whatever. She piped right in with "chaining" (meaning crochet). My DD8 can make a chain and nothing else, but she sits for hours sometimes to present me with yards of chained yarn. She doesn't do any other stitches.

So, I taught DD6 how to make a chain. It is interesting to try to explain to a child exactly where all of her fingers need to be to perform this basic stitch. it is so natural to me after all this time that I have to actually be holding the hook and yarn to see where they go. 10 minutes later and she is happily sitting over on the coush chaining away.

I tried to teach her a single crochet stitch, baiting the hook (haha) with "Even DD8 can't do this, but after watching me do 3 singles she decided to just chain for a while. I can respect that.

Our Christmas tree is going to be so covered with yarn this year...

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