Thursday, August 9, 2007

Beautiful Stash

I had the lack of good sense yesterday to visit our local (and sadly soon closing) yarn shop.

I couldn't help myself. 40% off! I bought sock yarn (I am determined to learn to knit socks.) and needles (I have many needles already.) These are NEEDLES! Wooden needles. Wooden Needles. Indian Rosewood and Vietnamese Palmwood to be specific. They are beautiful, especially the shorter set of size 10.5 rosewood needles that have thee lovely little knobs on the ends. Wow

I just feel all giggly. I have bought EXPENSIVE wooden knitting needles, and they weren't expensive, since they were on sale. now, what to knit on them? They seem to call for something important and lovely. I'll have to think.

I don't have any yarn worthy of these incredible needles. I need to go back to the shop tomorrow.

Unfortunately, they didn't have any size 2 double points, which the sock pattern I have calls for. So, the girls and I had to trip over to Hobby Lobby and buy a set of plain old aluminum size 2 doubles. And you know (or can guess) what happens when I go into a Hobby Lobby...I bought more than knitting needles.

I am just heady with the possibility of it all. Wooden needles, wow.

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