Thursday, July 19, 2007


This one was hard.

I have pics of rare animals from the Memphis Zoo, my favorite being the pandas, but TKDChick posted pandas for her pic this (that) week and I would feel like I was copying, so I looked for something else.

In this shot we are at Mesker Park Zoo in Evansville, IN (I love taking pics at zoos.) They have peacocks walking loose around the park. One got very close to us on the path. My DD8 (then 3) said she was going to pet him.

I was a little worried he would peck her, but decided not to play overprotective Mommy and let whatever happened happen. She got right up to him and almost did manage to pet him. At the last foot or so he turned around and dashed off.

Funny thing about turning around when you have a tail like that, it swings around too. DD got a swat right on her tushi, right when I snapped the pic of her "petting" the peacock.

The shot is "Rare" because I almost never make it right as an action shot needs to go. My shutter speed is slow, and my reflexes too, I guess. I am always getting pics of just after something happened.

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