Monday, July 9, 2007

It'll take magic...

to get the new Harry Potter book, at least for me.

I placed the pre-order with in February. The book comes out in July. My credit card expired in May. Do you see the problem here? Apparently, Walmart doesn't process the orders until it is actually TIME. So, I got an email last week saying "You paid with an expired card..." >:( I could not use the link they provided to fix the problem and no other way of accessing their site would allow me to edit a past purchase, even though the purchase wasn't really past.

I thought maybe I could cancel the original order and re-order. Nope, sorry, wrong! The book lists as Out-Of-Stock on the website. (for PRE order?) I guess things are too close to the wire.

I called Customer Service Saturday afternoon. I didn't realize it was Saturday (That happens when DH works his regular hours.) The nice associate said there was nothing she could do. I had to talk to Finance, she said. The Finance Office wouldn't be open until Monday morning at 8.

The email I got Friday said I had 3 days to fix the problem or my order would be cancelled. (Friday Saturday Sunday...)

So, hoping the computers at would not hatchet my book on a Sunday, I called early this morning to try to head things off. The nice associate said the order had already been cancelled. Great But, she asked if I wanted to re-order. I told her it had said "Out-of-Stock." She checked anyway and it let her process the order (with the new card)

I am keeping my fingers crossed. I guess I'll know for sure in a couple of weeks whether everything is ok. I am not trusting the Order Confirmation email. I got one of those in February too.

I get the feeling that the only reason the book wasn't out of stock was because they had cancelled my order. Like I bought my own book.

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