Friday, June 10, 2011

Sewing recently and a tree

The current hobby du jour (is that redundant?) is sewing. I managed a handbag from a pattern. It came out nicely. Although, Since I wanted to work from stash (that is, use fabric I already own rather than shopping for new) it is not what I would have chosen for a handbag (since I am not a 10 year old girl) I think it may end up going to a munchkin for her birthday. Still, fabric choice aside, it is well constructed (for a first attempt) and I am proud.

My writing has stalled as I try to decide what it is I actually want to write. I have a number of story ideas crying to be let out; at least, they cry until I sit down at the computer; then they are silent and leave me to figure out what to do.

A tree fell on our house last month. Minor roof damage, nothing huge. It was a bit of a shock, though, going outside and seeing a tree on the house.

Here is DH and the roofer looking at what needs to be done.

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