Monday, June 27, 2011

I must have a fever.

No, I suppose I don't really; I just feel like I do. It is so darn hot, and the AC in this decrepit old house isn't worth a hill of beans. (At roughly $1 for a 1 lb bag, a hill of beans isn't really a good measure of the lack of value in something.)

I let dd13 drive the car around in a deserted parking lot yesterday afternoon. No, of course she isn't old enough to drive, it was sort of a pre-lesson. We both had fun and the starts and stops were noticeably less jerky after we had been practicing for a few minutes. She had a lot of fun. Still, I am glad it will be a few years before things get serious on this topic.

Here is a pic of dd10 almost a year ago on her birthday. We went to the park and took loads of photos. Some of them came out wonderfully.

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