Friday, September 4, 2009

Under Attack

Last weekend's battle of the driveway ended in a draw, although our side did manage to rescue one hostage. Both sides continue to eye one another warily without making any overt moves to continue hostilities.

Recent intelligence reports, however, indicate that covert maneuvers by the enemy are attempting to flank our position and take the bunker from the rear. Sneaky devils! Another hostage has been captured! Rescue attempts cannot be put into action for another 24 hours. By that time, who knows how far the enemy may have advanced?

This battle has been brutal all season. In past years, initial forays were met with swift retribution and incursions were stopped before they could gain a foothold. Unfortunately, last year the bunker's new generals were somewhat lax in their continued surveillance and security measures. That, coupled with injuries and fatigue this year have left a prime opportunity for invasion. If it isn't stopped soon, we may be overrun completely!

(Last week we cut back some of the weeds in our driveway, but only moderately took after the kudzu. It is mostly around the edge of the drive where we do not drive, so it has been ignored, this year and last. It does creep in bit by bit.

Kudzu on the parking lot, where we do not drive.

The kudzu had grown up and was starting to cover one of our fir trees (bushes) but we cut it back and got the poor thing free.

The freed hostage (view from my bedroom window.)

I just saw that kudzu around the side and back of the house, where no one ever goes, has grown up into and all over one of the holly bushes in the rear. It is very close to the house and if we leave it it will start covering the walls.

Kudzu growing up holly bush. I had to look out the back window at an odd angle to see it. (Pay no attention to spider webs. I figure if I leave them long enough I won't have to decorate for Halloween. It isn't procrastination, it is preparation!)

The kudzu on the holly is perfectly visible from my daughters' bedroom windows. Did they think to mention it? NO)

Daughter's window. Why wasn't this reported? (Could she be a kudzu agent?)

Small sample of what kudzu can do. There are trees under there!

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Princess L said...

I like the beginning of your post

we have been working hard to get the "hostages" freed,

I like the bit about the spider webs