Friday, July 31, 2009

What am I up to?

(trying to avoid a What Is For Dinner? entry)

So, how have I been spending my time?

On the computer- Facebook (FarmTown, Farkle), listening to talk radio streams, watching TV (mostly things I have seen before) including Burn Notice, Warehouse 13, Eureka, and eagerly awaiting the new seasons of Monk and Psyche (and later Chuck, Heroes, Lost, and Smallville)

the Bible, the "in a year" schedule I am on has me in the middle of Psalms right now and I just started Romans.
Fantasy Pulp- I had gone for a long time without endulging in frivolous reading, but I recently started a 6 book series, well, a month ago. I am about to start Book 6.

Crosstitch- Well, I am not sure yo ucan call it that. I have been doing Blackwork, which is basically outlining, rather than X-ing. (Traditioanlly done in black thread, I am actually using other colors.) I also stitched the names of our family members to go along with the next item...

Quilting- I had a idea to make a wall quilt with a tree and then have seperate apple motifs with the names of out family members stitched on them. I have the names stitched, but have not made either the apples or pieced the tree quilt. It is still kind of in the planning phase. (I have a lot of things in the planning phase.)

Nothing has been done in- Knitting, Crochet, Jewelry making, sewing, doll customization, web design, gardening, photogrpahy

Home School-
We have been taking some time off, but will be getting back into the thick of things starting next week. Also, I decided to take a more active role in PEAK, a good idea for the group's facilitator. If everything I have planned comes about we will have an activitiy once a week (almost.)

In the works for PEAK-
American Girl Book Club
Monthly Birthday parties/planning meetings
Ancient Civilization Days (a new civilization every month)
Science Fair
Art Fair
US State Geogrpahy/Culture Fair
World Geogrpahy/Culture/Food Fair
History Fair
Photography Fair
Physics/Inertia Demonstration
Bowling Field Trip
Swimming field trip
Automobile Museum Field Trip
Memphis Zoo field Trip
Poetry Fair
Thanksgiving Play

And, as a therapy for my hermetic tendencies, I am going to try to make it to all of these (and whatever there is that I forgot to mention) I already know that i am going to start tothink to myself, "Why did you commit to that?! I want to just stay at home!" But by then it will be too late! I will have boxed myself in! Hahahaha!

Oh, I almost forgot...
Role Playing-
Just in case you had mistaken me for a grown-up...
Mostly Forgotten Realms. Not using 4e, can't stand it enough to buy the books. I have been picking up 3e and 3.5 for pretty good bargains on eBay.
DH is running a game for me alone set in Sigil (planar hub) in which the Prime Material plane is Forgotten Realms, should I decide to go there. My character is a psion.
I am planning a game for the whole family (Yes, we are teaching our girls to play, so sue me.) based in FR (3e, or maybe starting in 2e and working forward) The characters will be signing on to a merchant caravan. I want to start in Waterdeep (Northwestern coastal metropolis) and work my way along trade routes across the whole continent. So much of FR has printed source material that there is something for everywhere, even if I do not use modules. (I hate modules.)

There you go.
I am off to watch this week's Burn Notice.

This is Cumberland Falls in April 1998. We went there to celelbrate our 1st wedding anniversary. It had been a very raainy Spring and the river was UP. In some places the walkways to see the falls were flooded.

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