Thursday, November 21, 2013

Tea Too: The Teaquel

It has been a while since my beginning exploration of "real" (or "fancy-schmancy") tea.  I was shopping online last week and ended up on the site I had ordered the tea from a few months ago.  I ordered some of what I had enjoyed then as well as a few new flavor mixes.

Today's experience...cranberry tea.  It was a free gift from Adagio.  It is a basic loose leaf black tea with raspberry leaves and cranberry pieces.  I have it right now with sugar.  The flavor is not bad.  I don't think this is my favorite, but I am enjoying it.  For a bit a berry fruitiness, it'll do.

I think I preferred the orange-ness from the earl grey I had a few months ago (which I did buy more of.)  Interesting that I prefer the citrus when I  absolutely HATE lemon in my tea.  Big difference between orange and lemon.

Today's photo offering, My Dad, whose birthday is coming up this weekend.  Happy Birthday, Daddy!

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