Monday, July 8, 2013

Going Herbal

The next tea in the rotation is an Earl Grey Rooibos blend.


The rooibos smells bad and tastes bad as well.  Or maybe it tastes fine but the smell makes it taste bad.  Either way...blech!

I got it because I know rooibos is supposed to be good for allergies.  I think I'll take Singulair and drink tasty tea instead.

I moved quickly onto a Moroccan green tea / peppermint blend.   I went ahead and added sugar  because I know Moroccan style tea is very sweet.  Or is that coffee?  I think tea.  Anyway, I did not have the same aftertaste trouble that I had before.  The mint was very strong and quite yummy.  This isn't really an "every day" king of tea.  It felt more like it was for special occasions.  Whatever I end up deciding to do, I will do it again.

The rooibos not so much.

Short entry today.  Pretty much just about tea.  You'll just have to deal with it.

OK, so not entirely about tea.  Hubby and I are thinking about still taking a vacation, but not as extensive as planned before.  I'll keep you up to date.

And, I'll try to find an interesting picture I have not posted before for your enjoyment.
A picture of a picture.  My first birthday.  I love the early 1970s fruity table cloth.  (Also a small bit of my cousin holding a football.)

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