Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Not medicated...much

I have no news other than to say I have mellowed a bit since this morning.  Things are what they are.  I am still not happy, but I am no longer frothing at the mouth.

We have the money to pay the tax bill AND go on a smaller vacation.  I am going to look into having mom watch the girls in a few weeks and get away with DH.  For a whole family thing we'll wait a few months; after Labor Day maybe.

I got the steaming out of my system and I am cooler about the whole matter.  Without drugs.  (Though  I did take my blood pressure meds and some Tylenol.)  Because that is how things roll around here.

From Epic Roadtrip 2012 B - The house my family lived in 1980-1984.  Words cannot adequately express how much BIGGER the house was then.  It has obviously shrunk, look at the tree!  That is little more than a tall bush.  I know because my memory says it is so.
Also, the house used to be yellow; bright, mustardy yellow with dark green shutters.
   Behind the house, but to the right, there is a field where all of the back yards fail to meet.  A sort of communal grassy area.  We used to play there as kids, pretending to be whatever we liked, especially that we could travel to Narnia to fight badguys and such.  That is The Narnia Field.

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