Friday, January 7, 2011

4 to 8 inches of snow expected

I know my friends in Canada and Minnesota will laugh, but everyone here is in a tizzy over the forecast 4-8 inches (10-20 cm) of snow for us here in Mississippi. We generally only get a whopper like that once every decade. If it does get that bad everything will be shut down.

One of the benefits (drawbacks?) of home schooling is that we don't worry about snow days. We can still have lessons. Of course, the girls get to play in the snow (when we have it) whether schools are out or not.

We'll try to keep warm here. You all do the same in your cozy homes.

We now conclude this Mississippi weather announcement and return you to your regularly scheduled furniture rearranging or quilt piecing.


Julie R said...

So how much did you end up getting?

Zirbert said...

You're right, your friends in Canada will laugh. Here in New Brunswick, 4-8 inches is a nice winter's day. We got about a foot last night, and that's no big deal.

-Zirbert the Frequently Absent

RebelAngel said...

Sorry to be so long getting back to the comments, but I was so sure no one was reading my inactive blog any more that I neglected to check back, LOL.

If I remember correctly we got about 7 inches. The oddest thing was that it stayed around for almost a week. When it snows down here the snow is often gone by afternoon or the next day.