Saturday, March 27, 2010

Dia duit!

I have begun (in earnest) studying the Irish language. I had puttered around with it in the past off and on, but decided to really give it a go. I am really enjoying myself.

Dd 11 says I sound like I am choking in the back of my throat. I need to work on making my CH sound more subtle, but still distinguishable.

The program I am using is imersion based, which means they aren't actually EXPLAINING anything, just showing pictures and saying ... something ... in Gaeilge. I have to learn to recognize what they are saying, repeat it, and (I hope) figure out what it means. It is actually working pretty well. Though, I do miss having someone spell out exactly what I am learning.

The pronunciation is the hardest part and I am sure I have a terrible accent. With time and practice I think it will get better.

It is nice to learn some of the language of my ancestors. It makes me feel like I haven't totally been disconnected from where my family came from, well, the Irish side that is. I don't know if I could handle Norwegian. ;)

Sla'n ! (How do you put accent marks using an American keyboard?)
That means Good-bye.

And, for your visualy enjoyment...
Dd 9 constructing her gingerbread (graham cracker) house back in December.

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