Monday, November 9, 2009

New TV Review part II

V - Started late in the season (relatively speaking)

I don't feel like going in too much depth.
My first concern was how they would make things interesting when anyone over the edge of 30 remembers the basic gist of the 1980's miniseries. They solved that problem by not making the "reptile-ness" a secret from the audience. (Though it is not know to most characters in the show.)

Altogether, I liked the pilot and will continue to watch.

The teenager is annoying, but I remember being annoyed by Robin (the teenager who got pregnant) in the miniseries, so that comes as no surprise.

Eight out of Ten asterisks ********--


Princess L said...

what is "V"?
and what,you are not mentioning prison break?Almost every time i see you watching something,you say "prison break".

RebelAngel said...

These are reviews of NEW shows, or shows that are still on TV. Prison Break has been cancelled, I was just watching old episodes.

v is about alien visitors who come to Earth and say they are here to help mankind but really want something else from us. What exactly they want is generally a mystery. I know what it was from the old series from the 1980s, but the new V aliens may have different things they need.