Saturday, March 8, 2008

Supper is HARD

So, well, breakfast I can handle. The hardest part is MAKING myself eat it. Lunch I can do. Supper is hard. We don't have many yummy, all-of-us recipes that are actually healthy. And if we take short cuts, I fall WAY OFF the eating plan. Restaurants need to just bee off limits for a while. Even drive through. And chili and BBQ as well. I think I will start cutting myself a slice of roast before I cut up the meat to make BBQ, IF I make BBQ again.

I have to work on getting things back on track. The easiest days seem to be the weekdays where I am alone with the girls. I would have thought those would be the hardest, not having DH here to "police" me. (as if he would) Once I get evenings down better, and the weekdays flow like automatic pilot, the weekends should come along.

I will try to do what I can before we move. During the move will be harder, but not impossible. After the move I will be cracking down hard.

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